Researcher and participant

Current Projects


Smoothing Seasonal Hunger through Planning in Zambia

This expansion of an ongoing project in Zambia expansion tests whether a low-cost planning intervention improves savings, shifts how families distribute household resources and whether the intervention changes how families make decisions at the next harvest.

Assessing Seed System Resilience with Structured Genotyping in Uganda

An MRR Innovation Lab research team is leveraging recent advances in DNA fingerprinting to test maize and bean seeds from across supply chains in Uganda to identify leaks responsible for low-quality seeds reaching farms, creating an opportunity to enhance seed system resilience.

The Value of Linking Farmers to Maize Value Chains in Rwanda

In Rwanda, MRR Innovation Lab researchers are measuring the impacts of connecting maize farmer cooperatives with the innovative processor Kumwe Harvest to provide a stable market for newly harvested maize while increasing the quantity accepted for purchase.