Index insurance and risk management

Presentation: Index Insurance for Agricultural Risk Management

In this presentation at the June 5-10, 2017 Global Learning and Evidence Exchange for Market Systems event in Dakar, Senegal, AMA Innovation Lab assistant director Tara Steinmetz discussed the benefits and challenges of using index insurance as a means of supporting small-scale farmers facing a range of climate-related threats.

Presentation: Client Value & Index Insurance

In this presentation for the GAN Peer Learning Platform event on July 4, 2017 in Nairobi, Kenya, AMA Innovation Lab assistant director Tara Steinmetz discussed the potential for index insurance and development but also the importance of client value.

Paper: Credit Demand Among Risk Sharing Groups Under Formal Insurance

This paper exploits a natural experiment wherein tens of thousands of microfinance borrowers across rural Haiti received a quasi-random value of insurance benefit in the aftermath of catastrophic hurricanes, and shows that greater insurance increased a beneficiary's demand for credit on the extensive margin, e.g. made formal lending relationships more durable.

Paper: Willingness to Pay for Insured Loans in Northern Ghana

Our results demonstrate that on average the sample population has a willingness to pay high enough to sustain a market viable insured loan product without subsidization with 56% of the target population expressing a willingness to pay for an insured loan at the market price.