The UN Sustainable Development Goals and Feed the Future Research on Rural Resilience

March 02, 2021

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) build a pathway to improving life for all people while safeguarding the environment in which we all live. A critical part of this work is to build opportunities for rural families whose lives and livelihoods have always been the most vulnerable.

How Digital Technology Is Reshaping Rural Microfinance

February 08, 2021
A new paper explores how digital technologies like mobile phones and satellites have created new ways for rural families in developing countries to access savings, credit and insurance. The paper also explains the need to ensure that these services do not reproduce or amplify existing inequalities.

Feed the Future ALL-IN 2020 Call for Research Grant Proposals

July 02, 2020
The Feed the Future Advancing Local Leadership, Innovation and Networks (ALL-IN) program has opened its 2020 call for research proposals from researchers at African institutions to advance host country leadership in defining and implementing research projects.