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Investigating Ways to Get Water to Women

January 25, 2018
Economist Stephen C. Smith discusses how a number of water constraints have the greatest impacts on women and children living in poverty, and how irrigation can make a difference.

Payments to Farmers Could Help to Keep Malawi’s Dams Clear

January 23, 2018

When sediment builds up in a hydropower reservoir it can damage turbines and clog spillways. It reduces how much electricity a plant can generate, and it’s expensive to dredge. In Malawi, this is especially a problem, as hydropower provides nearly all of the country’s electricity.

Index Insurance: Where We’ve Been and Where We Need to Go

January 05, 2018
AMA Innovation Lab research on drought-tolerant maize may seem out of context in South Asia, but given the severity of flooding in Bangladesh and much of the rest of the region this past year it is clear that more than stress resistant seeds are needed.

When Loans are Insured, Women Farmers Risk Investing in Productivity

November 15, 2017
Women farmers are typically cautious of losing their already limited collateral or social status in case of default in the event of a bad weather shock. An innovative type of insured loan made women more confident to apply for the credit needed to invest in their farms.