Papers and Presentations

Paper: Credit Lines as Insurance: Evidence from Bangladesh

This study tests whether a new financial product that offers guaranteed credit access after a shock allows households to insure themselves against risk with a large-scale RCT involving 300,000 subjects in Bangladesh with one of the country’s largest microcredit institutions.

Paper: Telephone Directories for Mobile Phone Networks

A set of RCTs in Tanzania tested the impact of a telephone directory on business and agricultural households. Enterprises saw large increases in calls and mobile money. Households increased search activities and the use of mobile phones for business, with some evidence of improved farming outcomes.

Paper: Short-term Impacts of a Pay-it-forward Livestock Transfer and Training Program in Nepal

This study evaluates the short-term (1.5 year) impacts of a multifaceted livestock transfer and training program in rural Nepal using a randomized control trial (RCT). Results show that the program significantly increased financial inclusion and women’s empowerment after 1.5 years for both direct beneficiaries and those brought into the program via its "pay-it-forward" component.