IndiaAgriculture accounts for around 18 percent of India’s gross domestic product. India is the world’s second-most populous nation, and in 2010 nearly half were employed in agriculture. Most of the agricultural production is small-scale. Of more than 120 million landowners, 80 percent own parcels of less than two hectares.

Increasingly unpredictable and extreme weather is increasing pressure on natural resources from the growing population. Monsoon rains, which provide 80 percent of India’s precipitation, have been the scantiest in decades. Worse yet, scientists predict that these rains will become even more contracted and unpredictable in the near future.

Projects in India

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Financial Initiatives to Help the Poor Manage Agriculture Risk in India

This research puts emphasis on extending access to all in order to make financial liberalization a strategy that helps all levels of society. The project also informs the development of weather insurance programs worldwide, as well as helps clarify the potential of futures markets to improve farmer welfare.