Papers and Presentations

Paper: Asset Insurance Markets and Chronic Poverty

This paper investigates asset insurance into a theoretical poverty trap model to evaluate the aggregate impact of insurance access on chronic and transitory poverty. The research team uses dynamic stochastic programming methods to decompose two mechanisms through which a competitive asset insurance market might alter long-term poverty dynamics.

Paper: Insuring against Droughts: Evidence on Agricultural Intensification and Index Insurance Demand from a Randomized Evaluation in Rural Bangladesh

It is widely acknowledged that unmitigated risks provide a disincentive for otherwise optimal investments in modern farm inputs. This study assesses both the demand for and the effectiveness of an innovative index insurance product designed to help smallholder farmers in Bangladesh manage risk to crop yields and the increased production costs associated with drought.

Paper: Risk, Insurance and Wages in General Equilibrium

The research team estimates the general-equilibrium labor market effects of a large-scale randomized intervention designed and markets a rainfall index insurance product across three states in India.  Marketing agricultural insurance to both cultivators and to agricultural wage laborers allows the team to test a general-equilibrium model of wage determination in settings where households supplying labor and households hiring labor face weather risk.