Papers and Presentations

Paper: How Sustainable are Benefits from Extension for Smallholder Farmers? Evidence from a Randomized Phase-Out of the BRAC Program in Uganda

Many development programs are based on short-term interventions, either because of external funding constraints or because it is assumed that impacts persist post program termination ("sustainability"). The Principal Investigator explores while supply of improved seeds through local, BRAC trained women declined, demand does not diminish, and farmers shift purchases from BRAC to market sources, indicating a persistent learning effect.

Presentation: So You're Thinking about Index Insurance?

This presentation was by Maria Rarieya from the International Centre for Evaluation and Development (ICED) on May 24, 2017 describing the benefits of using index-based insurance over costly traditional claims-based insurance.

Paper: Fail-safe Index Insurance Without the Cost: a Satellite Based Conditional Audit Approach

While index insurance offers a compelling solution to the problem of covariant risk among smallholder farmers in developing countries, most weather based contracts suffer from poor quality due to a low correlation between the index and farmer losses. This paper proposes and analyzes an alternative index insurance contract, which combines a satellite based index with the potential for a second-stage audit.

Presentation: Filling a Niche

This presentation took place at Nairobi, Kenya on February 8, 2017, and describes how CIMMYT research on hybrid adoption in Kenya distinguishes maize breeding at targeted high elevations.