Papers and Presentations

Presentation: Depression for Economists

The goal of this presentation is to understand Major depression disorder (MDD) through the lens of economics. This presentation took place in Washington DC, United States on June 28, 2016 and was done by Jonathan de Quidt, Princeton University.

Paper: Disaster Risk, Social Vulnerability, and Economic Development

This paper examines the extent to which economic development decreases a country’s risk of experiencing climate-related disasters as well as the societal impacts of those events. The study finds that low-income countries are significantly more at risk of climate-related disasters, even after controlling for exposure to climate hazards and other factors that may confound disaster reporting.

Paper: Opportunities for Improved Promotion of Ecosystem Services in Agriculture under the Water-Energy-Food Nexus

In this study, the research focus is on water quality as a vehicle to illustrate the role that the water, energy, and food (WEF) Nexus perspective may have in promoting ecosystem services in agriculture. Drawing on cases from the team's research, they demonstrate how the WEF Nexus perspective—by integrating non-point-source agricultural problems under well-defined energy issues—can highlight central beneficiaries of improved agricultural practice, where none may have existed otherwise.

Paper: Credit Demand Among Risk Sharing Groups Under Formal Insurance

This paper exploits a natural experiment wherein tens of thousands of microfinance borrowers across rural Haiti received a quasi-random value of insurance benefit in the aftermath of catastrophic hurricanes, and shows that greater insurance increased a beneficiary's demand for credit on the extensive margin, e.g. made formal lending relationships more durable.