mapIn Zambia, the last 16 years of strong economic growth raised the average per capita income to over $1,646 and made it a lower-middle-income nation. Zambia’s 29 years of successful multi-party democracy, with two peaceful transitions between ruling political parties, has made the country one of the more stable in sub-Saharan Africa.

Despite the recent growth experienced within Zambia, much remains to be done to advance equitable development throughout the population. Three out of four Zambians still live in extreme poverty and the country faces a myriad of challenges, including limited government capacity to plan and manage national development, low agricultural productivity, and inadequate transportation and energy infrastructure.

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Projects in Zambia


Smoothing Seasonal Hunger through Planning in Zambia

This expansion of an ongoing project in Zambia expansion tests whether a low-cost planning intervention improves savings, shifts how families distribute household resources and whether the intervention changes how families make decisions at the next harvest.