TanzaniaTanzania is a democratic republic on the coast of East Africa with a population of 50 million people. The country’s political stability, sound macroeconomic management, and natural resources all contribute to its potential for sustained growth. Still, many Tanzanians struggle to meet their basic needs.

Agriculture is a main driver of the economy, accounting for 31.5 percent of Tanzania’s GDP and 75 percent of the labor force. While Tanzania is largely self-sufficient in maize production, yields are significantly lower than regional and global averages. Poverty and food insecurity are the main drivers of chronic undernutrition in Tanzania, caused primarily by inadequate access to a diverse and quality diet and poor feeding practices at home.

With its abundant and fertile land, water resources, motivated agricultural entrepreneurs, and access to international markets through its major port and capital, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania is poised for agriculture-led economic growth.

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