Poverty dynamics

Research in Nepal

Resilience in the Midst of Pandemic in Nepal

In Nepal, an MRR Innovation Lab research team is expanding its partnership with Heifer International to explore how rural families are coping, whether its programming increases resilience, and the challenges and opportunities for improving household resilience in the midst of a global crisis.  
community activists in Mozambique

Resilience in the Aftermath of Disaster in Mozambique

The MRR Innovation Lab is expanding an ongoing RCT to learn how communities recover from a disaster like Cyclone Idai and whether the program made communities more resilient and to extend USAID research on resilience measurement.

Smoothing Seasonal Hunger through Planning in Zambia

This expansion of an ongoing project in Zambia expansion tests whether a low-cost planning intervention improves savings, shifts how families distribute household resources and whether the intervention changes how families make decisions at the next harvest.