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woman displaying her lending group membership card

Policy Brief: Asset Accumulation In Bangladesh

The recognition that illness shocks can be detrimental to poor people's well-being appears to receive less attention in Bangladesh than covariate shocks such as floods, precisely because illness is an idiosyncratic event, while widespread flooding easily attracts national and international attention.
farmer in Nicaragua

Policy Brief: Supplying Supermarkets in Nicaragua

Our research indicates that a primary benefit to small farmers of participation in supermarket supply chains may be the decrease in output downside price risk relative to traditional horticulture spot markets.
Mozambique farm

Policy Brief: Subsidies and the Consequences of Drought in Mozambique

Providing farmers with fertilizer or improved seed varieties can increased yields, leading to higher incomes and a stable or growing asset portfolio for the household. At the request of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and Mozambique’s Ministry of Agriculture, IFDC is implementing such a subsidy program in Mozambique.