GAN Events

Meeting of the Global Action Network

The AMA Innovation Lab and ILO's Impact Insurance Facility as a part of the activities for the Global Action Network (GAN) hosted a conference between partners in the development sector to share knowledge on agricultural insurance in areas such as client and contract value, aggregation for building scale, and the roles government and public organizations play in building value, efficiency, and scale.
  • International Labour Office, Route des Morillons 4, 1202 Genève, Switzerland
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2016 GAN Working Group Meeting

This event gathered stakeholders from the Global Action Network (GAN) collaboration between the AMA Innovation Lab and the International Labour Organization's Impact Insurance Facility. This GAN Working Group meeting focused on discussions around the work done by a smaller group of members on key

  • Geneva, Switzerland
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Global Action Network on Agricultural Insurance Kick-Off Meeting

This event was assembled to discuss the state of agriculture insurance, including successes and challenges, as well as impacts and gaps, to explore how the Global Action Network can address these key challenges and gaps through the activities of various working groups and of the GAN as a whole, a

  • Sheraton Maria Isabel Hotel, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico
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