Agricultural Insurance in Tanzania: Public and Private Sector Roles and Responsibilities

pastoralist receiving insurance policy

Event Date

Ramada Encore Hotel, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Across Africa there is a growing interest in agricultural insurance as a way to protect farmers, lessen reliance on aid, and bolster economic growth. A number of questions remain. What are the best practices to realize the promise of agricultural insurance? How can pitfalls be avoided? What are the key roles and responsibilities of the public and private sectors to ensure insurance products provide client value and development impact? 

event agendaAt the invitation of the Tanzanian Insurance Regulatory Authority, the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Assets and Market Access is hosting this one-day conference to discuss ongoing challenges. Based on research on dozens of agricultural index insurance interventions around the world, the AMA Innovation Lab has the evidence and resources to assess the quality of index insurance contracts and lay out the appropriate steps to ensure responsible, affordable, accessible, and valuable products.

At this open forum, researchers, policy makers, and insurance industry leaders will share valuable insights into index insurance for agriculture and livestock. This conference will help enable partners to implement insurance interventions more responsibly and effectively as a development tool.