Global Action Network (GAN)

GAN logoDecades of research have documented the high costs of uninsured risks for smallholder agricultural and pastoralist households. Risk makes people poor, leading them to shy away from high-return but high-risk opportunities. Risk keeps people poor when it leads them to pursue defensive savings strategies that cut off pathways out of poverty.

Index insurance has proven a financial tool to transfer debilitating risk our of low-income rural households. These results have garnered significant attention at the highest policy levels, though many barriers and technical challenges remain to realizing the full potential of index insurance and responsibly scaling it up.

With support from a USAID Associate Award "G8 Enabling Action on Risk: Advancing Index Insurance," the AMA Innovation Lab is collaborating with the International Labour Organization's Impact Insurance Facility and global partners to guide this political momentum towards responsible and reliable index insurance solutions, and to close the gap that often exists between knowledge generation and large-scale projects. The primary activities of the Global Action Network are:

  • Establish and coordinate a community of experts that will serve as a global network that discusses key issues around agricultural insurance.
  • Build capacity of practitioners and governments in focus countries; develop and conduct training for practitioners to create an enabling environment for agricultural insurance.
  • Promote responsible scaling of agricultural insurance to the broader insurance community; repackaging & disseminating lessons into knowledge products, tools, and training modules.
  • Identify remaining knowledge gaps on index insurance and work commission needed research and pilot activities.
  • Contribute to the design, implementation and evaluation of large-scale index insurance programs.


GAN projects

GAN Reports


3-D Client Value Assessment Tool

The 3-D Client Value Assessment tool allows insurance providers to measure the value of their agricultural index insurance products. This tool provides a multi-dimensional understanding of the value proposition for potential or existing clients.
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Bundling to Make Agriculture Insurance Work

Bundling agriculture insurance with other services like credit and better farm inputs is fast emerging as a possible solution to help agriculture insurance to achieve better social outcomes, make insurance more tangible and enable schemes to scale faster.
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Helping Farmers Understand Index Insurance: Guidelines for Consumer Education Interventions

Index-based insurance is an innovative financial service that can help smallholder farmers manage some of the risks related to weather conditions. On one hand, the increasing availability of this financial service offers a big opportunity to both farmers and providers. On the other hand, the complexity of this risk management tool can lead to poorly-understood index insurance products that may do more harm than good.