2013 BASIS/I4 Technical Committee Meeting

Camels in Ethiopia

Event Date

Memorial Union Building, University of California Davis, Davis, CA 95616, USA

This meeting gathered researchers affiliated with the Index Insurance Innovation Initiative (I4) at UC Davis.


  • ​​​​​​Savings, Subsidies, and Sustainable Food Security: A Field Experiment in Mozambique
    Dean Yang
  • Demand and Supply Constraints to Improved Sorghum Technology Adoption and their Gender-Differentiated Effects in Burkina Faso
    Andrew Dillon
  • Complementarities of Training, Technology and Credit in Smallholder Agriculture: Impact, Sustainability, and Policy for Scaling-Up in Senegal and Uganda
    Stephen Smith, Ram Fishman, Yao Pan
  • Soil Fertility and Impacts for Improved Agricultural Technology
    Aprajit Mahajan and Michael Carter
  • Household-Level Impacts of System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in Haiti: An SRI intervention with training, insured credit, and coordination by irrigation bloc
    Abbie Turiansky
  • Forecasting Profitability
    Chris Udry
  • Reporting Guidance and USAID Relations
    Lena Heron, Nora Ferm
  • Impact of Index Insurance on Agricultural Investment and Production
    Ghada Elabed and Craig McIntosh
  • Promoting Adoption of Improved Production Technologies among Smallholders in Ghana via Coupled Credit and Index Insurance Contracts
    Mario Miranda
  • Panel Discussion: Climate Change and Adoption of Climate Change Adaptive Technologies
    Nora Ferm, Thomas Barre, Nathan Jensen
  • Design and Demand for Index Insurance Contracts
    Elisabeth Sadoulet and Nathan Jensen
  • Rainfall insurance and the Agricultural Labor Market
    Mushfiq Mobarak
  • Tailoring Contract Farming to Smallholders: Experimental Evidence on Enrollment Impact, Insurance Provision, and Communication Technologies
    Lorenzo Casaburi