Past Events

Meeting of the Global Action Network

The AMA Innovation Lab and ILO's Impact Insurance Facility as a part of the activities for the Global Action Network (GAN) hosted a conference between partners in the development sector to share knowledge on agricultural insurance in areas such as client and contract value, aggregation for building scale, and the roles government and public organizations play in building value, efficiency, and scale.
  • International Labour Office, Route des Morillons 4, 1202 Genève, Switzerland
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GAN Peer Learning Platform for Policy Makers on Index Insurance

As an activity of the Global Action Network (GAN), the AMA Innovation Lab and the International Labor Organization’s Impact Insurance Facility is convening a consortium of partners from the development sector to share knowledge on agriculture index insurance.
  • Hotel Fairview, Bishops Road, Nairobi 00100, Kenya
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Webinar: Soil Variation and Why It Matters

This webinar highlighted three AMA Innovation Lab projects as case studies to provide clear evidence of the need to target improved seed and fertilizer interventions tailored to reflect the variation in soils.

Promoting Resilience Through Index Insurance: The Way Forward

Uninsured risk remains a major hurdle to smallholder farmer investment, productivity growth, and poverty reduction. Index-based insurance is a promising solution. This event will cover lessons learned on agricultural and livestock index insurance pulling from over a decade of USAID-funded research.