Ghana Papers and Presentations

Paper: Willingness to Pay for Insured Loans in Northern Ghana

This study from Ghana found that index insurance lowers overall demand for agricultural loans while farmers appear to prefer micro-level insurance over meso‐level insurance. The study also shows that farmers are willing to pay to avoid basis risk.

Presentation: Heterogeneous Constraints and Incentives and the Uptake of Agricultural Innovations by Smallholder Farmers

Observations of smallholder farmer inefficiency often reflect failure to control for nature. An example would be Ivorien rice farmers effected on their production frontier once inconsistent control for soils, rain, and pests are involved.  So perhaps a non-uptake adoption is optimal as well? This presentation is based on the AMA Innovation Lab projects for the Mind the Gap Workshop.

Paper: Identifying the Impact Dynamics of a Small Farmer Development Scheme in Nicaragua

Social programs began on the notion that their beneficiaries will change some behavior (perhaps due to improved incentives or new knowledge gained during the intervention) pose unique challenges for impact evaluation. Nevertheless, it is difficult to determine when the treatment and control groups should be compared, i.e. when the program in question should be evaluated. This papers explores challenges revolving around these issues.