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Making Index-based Insurance Fully Available for Women

Read this blog about how Family Insurance, with its special focus on women’s risks and responsibilities, increased demand for insurance relative to conventional index-based livestock insurance.

Leveraging Machine Learning to Improve Livestock Insurance for Pastoralist Families

NDVI has been commonly used to build index insurance, a type of insurance that in the past decade has protected tens of thousands of pastoralist families in eastern Africa from drought. Now, a new technology may be on the brink of beating NDVI on predicting forage quality, and it comes from an entirely different field.

Africa-based Think Tank Event Highlights the Role of Evidence in Development Policy

More than 300 leaders from world governments, the donor community, researchers and the private sector participated in the ICED “Evidence to Action Conference 2018” in Nairobi on July 24-25 to enhance sustainable collaboration and knowledge sharing and to reinforce demand-driven, evidence-based policy.

A Research Collaboration in Kenya Seeks Durable Empowerment for Women

Poverty graduation programs, which transfer assets and skills, can set women on a path toward higher income and greater empowerment at home, but in the arid rural parts of northern Kenya drought can force them to liquidate their gains so the family can survive.