Public-Private Partnerships for Agricultural Insurance

To discuss risk transfer innovations and their applications to the Pan-­‐Andean region, the I4 Index Insurance Innovation Initiative hosted a convening on the synergies between the public and private sectors for agricultural insurance. The meeting elucidated potential roles for public and private actors in risk management and agricultural information systems.

Participants offered unique perspectives from the policy, regulatory, financial services and research communities. Representation encompassed the Pan-Andean region, including Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia.

Agenda in English
Agenda en Español


Session 1: Social Protection against Catastrophic Risk through Agricultural Insurance
Chair: Carolina Trivelli, lnstituto de Estudios Peruanos

Session 2: Livelihood Protection for Small Farmers though Agricultural Insurance Markets
Chair: Stephen Boucher, University of California- Davis

Session 3: Convergence of Catastrophic and Individual Insurance Efforts: Ecuador and Peru
Chair: María José Castillo, Escuela Superior Politecnica del Litoral

Session 4: Information Systems for Livelihood Insurance and Social Protection
Chair: Daniel Hammer, Partner Re

Session 5: Looking Forward: The Prospects for Agricultural Insurance
Chair: Michael Carter, University of California- Davis