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Spotlight: Using Innovative Mobile Technology To Bridge Market Gaps

An exciting project in Uganda is bringing together a team of ICT entrepreneurs, economists, computer scientists, and agri-business professionals to test whether a highly scalable, high-tech approach can reduce transactions costs and improve market access for smallholders.

Policy Brief: Training, Technology, and Credit in Senegal And Uganda

Our research will evaluate two separate programs in Senegal and Uganda, and will focus on the degree to which smallholder farmers make the required investments sustainable, the financial and behavioral obstacles they face in doing so and whether additional interventions help farmers overcome these obstacles.
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Policy Brief: Ensuring Women’s Access to Assets

The many land tenure regimes, which differ across agroecological zone and which derive from different ethnic groups’ customary practices as well as titling programs, mean that simply passing legislation or establishing high-level tribunals is unlikely to make a lasting difference on the ground.