Feed the Future ALL-IN 2020 Call for Research Grant Proposals

July 02, 2020
The Feed the Future Advancing Local Leadership, Innovation and Networks (ALL-IN) program has opened its 2020 call for research proposals from researchers at African institutions to advance host country leadership in defining and implementing research projects.

The BASIS MRR Innovation Lab Stands for Equity, Inclusion and Justice

June 09, 2020
In affirming our support for Black lives and justice for marginalized groups around the globe we join our colleagues in the UC Davis community and our broader research community, including our researchers and research partners, implementation partners and individual families who take part in our work.

COVID-19 and Development Innovation

April 07, 2020
These unprecedented times are testing the resilience of rural families and the food and market systems they rely on. The work we do has never been more important, and in spite of the challenges we all face, we will continue to make progress in building a more resilient future.

Lessons to Take a Successful Resilience-focused Research Project to Scale

December 03, 2019
While bundling drought-tolerant maize with index insurance generated significant drought resilience for small-scale farmers, seed and insurance companies need continued support to scale the product, particularly where farmers have little experience with either improved seeds or insurance.