Sophie Javers

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Global Engagement Manager

  • MRR Innovation Lab

Sophie Javers spearheads strategic engagement and partnership initiatives, amplifying the Lab’s research on food security to shape policy and development programs. Her efforts create knowledge-sharing opportunities and elevates evidence-based resilience discourse at the local, national, and international levels. She holds a BA in History from Princeton University and a MA in International Policy Studies from Stanford.

Articles by Sophie Javers

Q&A: Investigating Gender-responsive Learning in Mozambique

We recently sat down with Rachel Jones, a 4th year development economics graduate student at the University of California, Davis. Jones is integrating additional research questions within an existing MRR Lab project to better understand the interplay of gender, household dynamics, and learning preferences among farmers in Mozambique.

Going "ALL-IN" on Capacity Strengthening

Three years into the program, research teams from the original cohort of twelve ALL-IN project are utilizing the funding, access, and new connections to expand their reach, in turn training others - prompting a cascading effect of knowledge sharing that is helping to create sustainable pathways for local development policies.

UC Davis Event Weighs in on the Impacts of Animal-sourced Foods

At a UC Davis World Food Center’s May 2019 event, AMA Innovation Lab director Michael Carter opened the afternoon session with a discussion about how financial instruments can help combat malnutrition and alter poverty dynamics in the face of climate change.

AMA Innovation Lab Joins the Microinsurance Network

The AMA Innovation Lab has just joined the Microinsurance Network, a worldwide leader in bringing together microinsurance experts to promote effective risk management tools to meet global development objectives.

Insurance Protects Herds and Secures Community’s Health

In 2011, a massive drought in Sub-Saharan Africa claimed the lives of Huka Bidu’s entire herd of cows. Determined not to begin again from nothing, the pastoralist and father of two in the southern Ethiopian village of Malble Yabello purchased a livestock insurance policy.

Q&A With Professor Dean Yang

To highlight some of the work the AMA Innovation Lab is funding in the fight against HIV/AIDS, we conducted an Q&A with the Dean Yang, Professor in the Department of Economics and the Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan.