Burkina Faso Papers and Presentations

Presentation: Beliefs and Behavior

This presentation is based on the AMA Innovation Lab projects for the Mind the Gap Workshop. This workshop was designed to allow for discussion of the pressing problem of the “yield gap” and the constraints to technology adoption that cause it. 

Paper: Insurance Contracts when Farmers “Greatly Value Certainty:” Results from Field Experiments in Burkina Faso

In discussing the paradoxical violation of expected utility theory that now bears his name, Maurice Allais noted that people tend to “greatly value,” or overweight, outcomes that are certain. Digging deeper, the Principal Investigator draws on the more recent work of Andreoni and Sprenger on a Discontinuous Preference for Certainty and show that that impact of the rebate framing on willingness to pay for insurance is driven by individuals who exhibit a well defined discontinuous preference for certainty.