Michael Carter's News

Accounting for the Full Cost of Shocks with an Economic Measure of Resilience

MRR Innovation Lab researchers have developed and tested an economic measure of resilience that quantifies it using commonly available data. This measure makes it possible to identify which households are most vulnerable to shocks and to compare how well different development programs strengthen resilience.

MRR Innovation Lab Director Honored at UC Davis for International Engagement

MRR Innovation Lab director Michael Carter was awarded the 2022 Chancellor’s Award for International Engagement at UC Davis in recognition of his research and outreach on poverty reduction and food security as well as his teaching with UC Davis students at the start of their research careers.

Strengthening Market Systems for Small-scale Farmers in Developing Countries

Market systems are critical for rural households in developing countries who rely on agriculture for food and income. MRR Innovation Lab research teams are developing and testing ways to strengthen market systems, which will provide insights on how to make markets work better for all and to spur inclusive agriculture-led growth.

Jamaica Gleaner Features MRR Director on Insurance

On October 28, 2022, the Jamaica Gleaner featured MRR Innovation Lab director Michael Carter in his comments on the potential for insurance to benefit Jamaica's rural communities.