Presentation: Scaling Foundational and Adapted Yield Gap Strategies

Using improved maize varieties with different maturity periods and biotic versus abiotic stress resistances, various maize prove certain varieties are more suited for particular areas than others at times of harvest and selling of crops. As a result, it is possible to utilize a combination of breeder input, meteorological data, farmer preference data and distributed yield data to develop are-specific variety recommendations.  

Through ground-truth findings, trained field staff can provide fairly effective variety recommendations tailored to the farmers.  By successful and proven field staff, area-specific guidance will be available for farmers enrolled for the improved maize varieties program.

This presentation is based on the AMA Innovation Lab projects for the Mind the Gap Workshop. This workshop was designed to allow for discussion of the pressing problem of the “yield gap” and the constraints to technology adoption that cause it. 

This presentation took place at the Ronald Reagan Building, Polaris Room and International Center, United States on November 3, 2016.