Presentation: Poverty Traps and Structural Poverty

With results returning on the 3rd wave of KwaZulu-Natal Income Dynamics Study, re-assessing the findings on 2 earlier papers from the first 2 waves is needed. The paper presented by Carter and May back in 2001 suggest relating the the results of the 3rd wave results suggest the findings by Woolard and Klasen in 2005 do not hold for the period of 1998-2004. The only identifier out of large initial household sizes, poor initial education, poor initial asset endowment, and poor initial employment access is there is a clear correlation of low upward mobility with initial education.

This presentation is based on AMA Innovation Lab projects for the Poverty Traps Conference. This conference is a gathering point for USAID and other development assistant agencies to connect the poor to economic growth.

This presentation was presented by Julian May from School of Development Studies on February 26, 2009 at Washington, DC.