The BASIS MRR Innovation Lab Stands for Equity, Inclusion and Justice

The recent killings of Black men and women in the United States has resurfaced the collective tragedy of our nation’s persistent and systemic racism that continues to claim lives.

As a research organization focused on ending poverty and hunger internationally, our collective principles of equity, inclusivity and justice are as central to our work as they are to our lives at home. The global outpouring for Black men and women who have lost their lives and have in many other ways suffered due to systemic racism only amplifies the resounding need for change.

In affirming our support for Black lives and justice for marginalized groups around the globe we join our colleagues in the UC Davis community and our broader research community, including our researchers and research partners, implementation partners and individual families who take part in our work.

We hope that these recent tragedies will the catalyst for building the truly safe and just society we believe is possible.