Christopher Udry

Chris Udry

Position Title
Henry J Heinz ll Professor of Economics and Institution for Social & Policy Studies, Yale University

AMA Innovation Lab Principal Investigator


Christopher Udry is the Henry J. Heinz, II Professor of Economics at Yale University. He is a development economist whose research focuses on rural economic activity in Sub-Saharan Africa. He has conducted extensive field research in West Africa on technological change in agriculture, the use of financial markets, asset accumulation and gift exchange to cope with risk, gender relations and the structure of household economies, property rights and a variety of other aspects of rural economic organization.

He spent two years as a secondary school teacher in northern Ghana, and has been a visiting scholar at Ahmadu Bello University in Nigeria and at the University of Ghana at Legon. At Yale, Udry has directed the Economic Growth Center and served as the Chair of the Department of Economics. He teaches graduate courses on development economics, and undergraduate courses on Economic Development in Africa.