Alex Russell

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Strategic Communications Manager

MRR Innovation Lab


Alex Russell develops and implements the MRR Innovation Lab's strategic communications plans and manages its web and print communications. He also manages relationships with media, researchers, news service groups and related agencies. Russell holds a B.A. in Literature from UC Santa Cruz and a M.A. in English from UC Davis.

Articles by Alex Russell

The Year the Short Rains Never Stopped in Kenya

March 11, 2020
In Kenya, the heavy, extended short rains into 2020 have led to flooding for pastoralists in the north, while further south farmers have struggled with drying their harvest and planting under threat of huge swarms of locusts. Climate adaptation and resilience are critical as extreme weather becomes more common across Eastern Africa.

Lessons to Take a Successful Resilience-focused Research Project to Scale

December 03, 2019
While bundling drought-tolerant maize with index insurance generated significant drought resilience for small-scale farmers, seed and insurance companies need continued support to scale the product, particularly where farmers have little experience with either improved seeds or insurance.